New Immigrants Make Excellent Canadian Entrepreneurs 

Each year Canada accepts hundreds of thousands of new immigrants, with the majority of them being economic immigrants. Many economic immigrants come to Canada to start a business, and it turns out new immigrants make excellent Canadian entrepreneurs.

Immigrant-owned businesses outperform their Canadian-born counterparts in many crucial aspects. According to a Statistics Canada study, “immigrant-owned firms had a higher level of net job creation per firm, and were more likely to be high-growth firms than those with Canadian-born owners”. Another Statistics Canada study, recent immigrants are “more likely to enter business ownership than Canadian-born individuals”.

The Canadian government knows that new immigrants make great entrepreneurs who can boost the economy. That’s why they started the Start-Up Visa program to assist innovative immigrant entrepreneurs with getting their business up and running. The Start-Up Visa program is an excellent avenue for entrepreneurs immigrating to Canada, but getting accepted, and meeting the Program’s requirements, is difficult.

At Startup Visa Services, we know the challenges to the Start-Up Visa program. That’s why our highly experienced team guides and assists Start-Up Visa program candidates through the entire program – from preparing to apply, to securing funding – to help their businesses prosper as much as possible.

Why Startup Visa Services is the Best Path to Success 

The Startup Visa Services team helps international entrepreneurs prepare for application by assisting with, or carrying out, market research, feasibility studies, business vetting, patent preparation, interview training, designated organization matching, and much more.

Once accepted to the program, our support doesn’t stop.  We can continue to spur business growth with the likes of marketing assistance, mentorship and coaching, employee training, hiring support, providing access to professional support, and locating workspace. As well, Startup Visa Services helps entrepreneurs with obtaining loans, grants, subsidies, financing, investors, and planning business scaling and exit strategies to ensure cash flow isn’t an issue – and growth is always happening.

Our goal is your success, and our track record proves it. In 2019 we provided unrivalled mentorship and coaching for over 100 Start-Up Visa program businesses. We have guided companies on their journey to becoming public, have been nominated by EY for Entrepreneur of the Year, and were awarded for our outstanding mentorship through accelerators and incubators.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we mentor and coach businesses to reach their maximum potential for success.

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