Marketing Your Business Matters

As a business owner, you’ve immigrated to Canada with the support of a Designated Organization. You’re re-defining a particular market in a financially viable way. You’re trying to grow your business and attract more clients or customers. But you’re not producing an ideal number of leads.

That’s where our team at Startup Visa Services can step in to help. Marketing properly matters for growing your business, and not every business knows how to market properly – especially disruptive innovators. Startup Visa Services does – our team is highly experienced with marketing for disruptive innovators tied to the Start-Up Visa Program, producing you more leads and generating you more business. 

How Startup Visa Services Can Help You Market

Chances are your messaging is not optimized, which is why you are not attracting leads to full potential. Our team understands that it isn’t necessarily the product or service that sells – what sells is the solution that the product or solution offers to consumers. We pinpoint those problems and optimize your messaging to reflect that you are selling a solution. When your messaging conveys who you help, how you help, and why it matters, then your messaging is optimal. This is part of how we market for you.

Social media is also a key part of marketing. Our team enhances your social media presence and ensures you are social selling – which is becoming the norm in today’s digitally-savvy world. We help you engage with prospects on social media, get their feedback, and build relationships which translates to a better customer experience, and ultimately more business in the pipeline for you. 

Generating content, optimizing your website, enhancing your SEO, and running or supporting marketing campaigns are also all things we can do for you to help you grow your business. 

Startup Visa Services offers unparalleled expertise when it comes to marketing for disruptive innovators who have recently moved to Canada. Why not enlist us and grow your business? Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you:  


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