A brief intro to StartupVisa Services

Startup Visa Services – a Professional Services Consulting Company.

Our founders have been a part of the Canadian start-up ecosystem for over 20 years. We have been working with accelerators, incubators, angel groups and VCs. Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and we frequently set up meetings offsite to train immigration teams on all aspects of Startup Visa. Our founders have been known to teach at Toronto and Vaughan city hall, Angel groups and at international conferences.

Our team consists of senior industry professionals within the Startup and entrepreneurship space. Our team accolades include taking own companies public, being nominated by EY as an Entrepreneur of the Year, working in 5 business incubators, participating in Angel groups and many more. We have multiple PhD and Engineering and Analyst professionals in our company that work to help your client’s businesses succeed.

Our focus for the past 5 years has been in the Startup Visa stream. We work directly within and with the designated organizations to make sure your clients get accepted, processed and issued the Letter of Support. In 2019, we have helped over 100 individuals receive their Letter of Support for the purpose of Startup Visa in Canada. We have nearly a perfect record in placing your clients in an appropriate designated institution based on their profile and stages of their businesses.

We only work with ICCRC accredited agents and law firms, and only as a back-office processing service. We do not market to end clients and do not accept “off the street” clients. Our services include business validation, business plan writing, IP protection, projections, marketing, training, websites, interview coaching, market research, post landing support (grants, reporting, marketing, biz dev) and peer review defence. Our main service is getting your clients the Letter of Support in the shortest possible time.

As a next step, we would like to meet at via online meeting or at your or our offices so we can discuss where we can collaborate in helping you with your client cases. We have a lot of experience working with large international law firms, and therefore we can be useful from day one. We work with individual cases, teams and even full cohorts of 15+ delegates every month.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak and we look forward to our next meeting in person.

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