Why Marketing Research Matters

For the purpose of Canadian Startup Visa, Designated Organizations tend to look for ‘disruptive’ innovators – those that can re-define a particular market in a financially viable way. There are many challenges for such innovators, one of which is marketing.

One challenge is that an innovator’s product or service may not fit neatly into an existing Canadian market, meaning there is an inherent lack of market predictability. This is compounded by the fact that many entrepreneurs do not recognize the importance of marketing – they do not see it as concrete. They also tend to latch on to only one product application, which can result in financial unviability, and can focus too much on the product/service itself rather than how it helps consumers, which can create overestimations of financial viability.

International entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada face the additional challenge of having to identify and learn the marketing channels that are most pertinent in Canada, which includes social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, direct selling, email marketing and more. 

Startup Visa Services helps such innovative international entrepreneurs address these challenges to ensure their business can thrive in Canada. 

Successful Marketing Research for International Innovators

Startup Visa Services helps international entrepreneurs with embracing the market uncertainty inherent to innovation and focuses on getting your business to help consumers understand the new product. We know that it is not necessarily your product or service that sells, but the solution that your product or service offers to consumers’ problems. 

We can help you pinpoint what those problems are and figure out which course of action best conveys your product or service as a solution to them. This will also help to establish your product or service’s consumer value, which can help to attract a larger consumer base. 

At Startup Visa Services, we also provide guidance for international entrepreneurs who are new to the marketing channels that are used in Canada. We help you figure out your marketing mix – i.e. what combination of channels is most ideal for your business – and show you the research behind how to get the most of each channel. 

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