Grants: They Can Help Your Business 

Government grants are an excellent way to inject a business with needed funds. There are grants for every aspect of a business – marketing hiring, research, innovation, training, and more. Having access to more capital can translate to better operations, management, and growth. Plus, grants are of course non-dilutive – no business ownership is relinquished in the process. 

Did you know that there are over 4,000 government grants in Canada? It can be confusing to navigate through them all and figure out which are the best for your business. Some are contingent on business size, while others are specific to an industry. 

The Startup Visa Services team knows how difficult it can be to pinpoint the grants that your business is eligible for, and which of those make the most sense to secure. That’s why we use our experience and expertise to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to navigate and secure government grants. 

How Startup Visa Services Can Help Your Business Secure Grants

The team at Startup Visa Services consists of highly-experienced professionals, which has positioned us to have strong relations with funding agencies and government. As well, a 20 year experience with procuring grants has familiarized our team with the various grants, and which of them are ideal for particular businesses. 

When we assist clients with obtaining government grants, we first work with them to ascertain which grant(s) are best suited to the needs of their business and what is the best timing for each one of the grants to make sure we can qualify for the most amounts in the shortest time frame. Then, we narrow the options and determine which of them are best from the size to speed. From there, our team can assist with putting together proposal packages, filling and filing applications, gathering and/or creating requisite documents, reports and proofs, and more. 

At Startup Visa Services, our goal is the same as yours – the success and growth of your business. If government grants are a means to that end, then we have you covered. Is your business considering what benefits government grants can provide? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can assist and support your business with government grants:

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