Hiring Support Can Benefit Your Business

Having access to hiring support broadens your choices for recruitment, which means access to more candidates who are qualified for the positions you offer within your business. Having more qualified employees ultimately translates to a higher potential for business growth and success. 

At Startup Visa Services, our goal is for your business to grow and succeed. We offer hiring support for entrepreneurs who have recently immigrated to Canada through the Start-Up Visa program so that your business can do just that. We can introduce you to recruiters, interns and co-op placement people, volunteers and how to operate job boards.

Did you know that there are government based subsidies that are available to businesses to hire and train their employees?

What Our Hiring Support Includes and Its Benefits 

Many entrepreneurs who have recently immigrated their business to Canada need guidance and assistance when it comes to hiring. Some do not have the resources to have every employee on payroll. Some do not know the best ways to attract qualified candidates. Some are simply unaware of the proper hiring practices in Canada, or do not know how to identify the best candidate for the job. 

Startup Visa Services’ team is comprised of highly experienced experts who can assist you and your business with all of these things. Our team can provide you access to both international and domestic recruiters so that you have a bigger pool of qualified candidates to choose from. We also provide access to local interns and volunteers for those entrepreneurs who have budgetary concerns regarding employee payroll.

Further, we train and educate businesses that are new to Canada on the proper hiring practices. There are certain questions that are illegal to ask during an interview in Canada. We make sure you are aware of these questions. Our hiring practices training also includes teaching you how to get the most out of an interview, so that you can really hone in on which candidate is most qualified for the position, and which candidate is the best fit for your company overall. 

Are you an entrepreneur who has recently moved your business to Canada? Then you can benefit from the hiring support we provide. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help with hiring support, and much more: https://startupvisa.ca/contact-us/

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