The Benefits of Employee Training 

Many companies ask “what happens if we invest in an employee but they don’t stay?” when they should really be asking “what happens if we don’t invest in an employee but they do stay?”. The answer to the latter is that you will have an under trained employee who cannot provide your business with ROI. This is particularly detrimental for start-ups – especially those new to Canada that have been established via the Start-Up Visa program. 

At Startup Visa Services, we recognize the importance of employee training for start-ups. Our goal is your growth and success, and a well-trained workforce is a means to that end. Our team is here for you from beginning to end, which includes assisting and supporting you with employee training. 

Startup Visa Services’ Employee Training 

The Startup Visa Services team is committed to setting your business up with the resources necessary for a properly trained workforce. Whether this means finding you the right trainer, assisting you with securing the right funding, or helping you create the right training plan, our team will get it done. 

Creating the right training plan for your business includes identifying where training is needed. Is it your sales team that needs to be acclimated with effective sales tactics in Canada? Does your staff need to be familiarized with your CRM? Does your accounting department require lessons on business hygiene? We will work with you to figure out where training is needed, and then assist with developing a plan. 

We can then bring in our partner Company Trainer to assist you with the actual process of training your employees if needed. But perhaps your business doesn’t have the resources to pay for training. That’s okay – the Startup Visa Services team are experts at helping businesses secure government funding for employee training. We will work with you to ensure your business is a top candidate for funding. 

Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business in Canada? Are you ready to invest in your workforce, but need assistance doing so? Get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about what we can do for you:

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