How Financing Can Help Your Business

Entrepreneurs have many tools at their disposal when it comes to acquiring funds for new projects. However, most entrepreneurs are not aware of these tools and need assistance to recognize how to acquire more funding. One such tool is non-dilutive financing, which can provide much needed funds for your business without having to exchange any business ownership. Instead of giving shares of your company in exchange for what could be huge growth potential, we help you borrow through your business easy to carry loans.

At Startup Visa Services, our goal is your success, which includes presenting you with all of the tools that your business can utilize to further your growth. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals within the start-up and entrepreneurial fields, so we are uniquely positioned to assist and support businesses with arranging excellent financing options and strategies.   

How Startup Visa Services Helps With Financing 

The Startup Visa Services team will work with you to determine what financing options are available to your business. Perhaps your business has some equipment that is out of date and not being used – computers, machinery, hardware etc. – which can be used towards financing.

We also help businesses secure guaranteed Canadian loans, grants, subsidies and rebates depending on their needs. Our team’s experience has positioned Startup Visa Services to have a unique relationship with the government and banking institutions that will provide financing for your business. We will help your business with application processes, as well as document/report gathering and creation, and other substantiations which will position you as a prime candidate for financing programs.

In addition to government and banking institutions, our team has an extensive network of potential co-investors to tap into. We can introduce you to many angel investor groups, VCs or private investors who can provide your business with financing options. Whatever your financing needs, our team will ensure your business receives the best options. 

Are you an entrepreneur that is considering the value of financing options? Are you unsure of what the best choice is for your business? Get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about our financing guidance and what we can do for your business:

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