The Benefits of Subsidies from the Canadian Government

In addition to grants and loans, governments in Canada also offer subsidies to eligible businesses. Government subsidization is another tool which Canadian businesses should take advantage of to cover costs and maintain a good amount of funds. As with grants and loans, identifying which subsidies your business is eligible for and preparing an application can be burdensome. 

That’s why the Startup Visa Services team assists and supports businesses with everything subsidy related to your operations. Using our years of experience in the entrepreneurial and start-up space, we make sure that your business is opting for the best programs, and that everything required for the subsidy application is in order. 

How Startup Visa Services Helps Businesses With Subsidies 

Our team’s years of experience dealing with subsidies has positioned us to have unique relations with the funding and subsidy agencies and different levels of governments who provide them, and the ability to easily pinpoint which subsidies are best given the needs of a business. The first step is to work with the client to ascertain what subsidies they are eligible for, and then narrow the options to only the best. For example, your business may be eligible for subsidies related to office improvements, salaries, advertising, business expansion, business travel, improvement to your equipment, moving, or rent expenses. 

From there, our team gets to work preparing and/or creating all the necessary application data. This includes business plan refinement, projections, reconciliation of finances, government reporting, and more. We can also file on behalf of your business after ensuring that everything required is within the application package. All of the documents and applications get reviewed with the business owner for accuracy and our team will coach you for the rest of the process.

At Startup Visa Services, our goal is the same as yours – the success and growth of your business. Subsidies can be a means to that end, which is why we assist and support businesses with subsidies. If you are considering the benefits that subsidies will provide your business, get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about subsidies, and how we can assist you with securing them:

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