How We Help Match Your Business with Designated Organizations

Designated Organizations are those Business Incubators that are permitted by the Government of Canada to support, and those Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds that are permitted to invest in businesses being moved to Canada under the Start-Up Visa program. It is not necessary to receive support from one of each – you only need the support of one. 

Each individual Designated Organization receives thousands of applications per year, meaning acceptance is an incredibly competitive process. As well, some organizations differ in terms of the exact details of what is required for an application. Startup Visa Services business consulting helps international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada to ensure their application is as competitive as possible. We also make sure that you do not waste your time applying to a Designated Organization that will not consider you. Not every business qualifies for Business Incubators, and the same is true for Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds. For example, if your business is not in its early stages of growth and development Business Incubators will not consider you for acceptance.

As well, some Designated Organizations only consider applications from certain industries – Venture Capital Fund A may only consider applicants who are in the pharmaceuticals industry, while Venture Capital Fund B only considers those in the IT industry. We ensure that you do not waste time applying to Designated Organizations that do not consider businesses within your industry. 

In addition to saving valuable time by matching you with the best Designated Organization according to your needs, we also provide guidance and support for your application process. Start Visa Services helps to fine-tune your business plan to ensure it wows the organizations you are applying to, coaches you for your intake interview, makes sure that your investment structure is sound if you are applying to a Venture Capital Fund or Angel Investor and more. 

Some More Info on Designated Organizations

Business Incubators help start-ups and new businesses by providing support in a variety of areas. Generally, Business Incubators are for businesses who are in their early stages of development and need help with accelerating their growth. 

Angel Investors give seed money to a company that is in its early stages in exchange for some ownership in the business. Typically you have to convince multiple people to invest so they can come up with the minimum requirement for the Startup Visa Program of $75,000 investment into your venture. 

Venture Capital Funds are funds that manage the money of several investors which are typically used to invest in small to medium size enterprises that are believed to have strong growth potential. 

You can find a full list of all the Designated Organizations here.

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