The Importance of Patent Preparation 

Having a strong IP strategy helps your Startup Visa case. If you are an international entrepreneur looking to move your business to Canada and you have an invention or innovation that is a cutting-edge new development, you will need to protect your creation with a patent. This will give you the right to prevent others from creating, using, or selling your product or service, and ultimately allows you to profit from your creation.

However, patenting is a complex process involving many laws and regulations which vary from country to country. That is why Startup Visa Services helps international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada with patent preparation when needed. 

How Startup Visa Services Helps 

Part of how we help with patent preparation involves identifying the strategy best suited for your business’ needs. The main component we help you consider is what the purpose of the patent is – i.e. what you are looking to gain from it. Some patents are utilized for defensive purposes, others for offensive, financial, strategic purposes etc. We will ensure you are choosing the strategy that is best suited to your business plan and R&D strategy. 

Additionally, Startup Visa Services can help you determine when a patent application should be filed and how long the patent should be retained for depending on your business plan and stage of development. When it comes to actually filing your application, we can do that for you, and can also assist with translating any documents or information that need to be translated. Our assistance would be with the intent to undisputedly prove your innovation and IP towards the designated organizations.

We are aware that some international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada may be at a more advanced stage and already have a patent. In the event that your patent is nearing its expiry date, we can assist you with obtaining a patent extension. 

At Startup Visa Services we know that for many businesses it is important to have an Intellectual Property strategy involving patenting. We also know that it is a complex and sometimes difficult process, which is why we help international entrepreneurs with patent preparation. We want to ensure that you have the best strategy and can patent effectively and promptly. 

Do you think your process, design or idea is potential patent material? Speak to us.

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