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A feasibility study is crucial for international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada. It will provide information on all the pros and cons of the business, and its chances of success, which need to be communicated to Designated Organizations.

At Startup Visa Services  business consulting we assist entrepreneurs looking to move their business in Canada with understanding its likelihood of success, in order to ensure that you have the data to communicate your potential success to your designated organization. We are here to help you research and understand all the relevant information you need to know about your project or business. 

Conducting a Feasibility Study: Why Our Help Can Make A Difference 

Startup Visa Services can research, create, and write up your study, allowing you to understand the entire scope of the potential decision before you waste any valuable time or money. A typical feasibility study includes: 

Executive statement. Start Up Visa Services prepares a short document, generally one page, which acts as a summary of key information which will be found throughout the report.

Technology considerations. We provide an analysis on the technology required for the project and if the business has it. If not, we determine whether it can be obtained and what it would cost.

Marketplace. Startup Visa Services will explore where the business or project will be operating. The goal is to understand the sources of cash flow that are possible to generate, if successful.

Marketing strategy. This is the game plan to communicate and promote the product or service to the respective customer, as provided by Startup Visa Services. It also includes an understanding of the needs and wants of the consumer.

Human capital. What are the human capital resources needed to undertake the project? How much will it cost, and what is the structure of the costs (fixed, variable, mixed)? Startup Visa Services answers these key questions here, which is imperative for answering questions from designated organizations about the sustainability of your business in Canada. 

Schedule. The Startup Visa Services team will provide a timeline of when the task will begin, when milestones should be reached, and when the project should be completed. This gives a concrete of the time period needed for completion.

Finances. Startup Visa Services includes all relevant financial information and decisions which will need to be made if the task is given the green light in this section. Such statements and documents could be: income, and projected income statements, balance sheets, CBA analysis, DCF analysis, balance sheets, among more.

The information this study gives helps you determine the cost and risk of your project, and whether or not it is viable in Canada. This information can then be used to make an informed and educated decision whether it is worth it from a business perspective to follow through. It will allow you to gain an understanding of how business operations will be impacted and identify potential obstacles – which can help you be a more competitive candidate for designated organizations (Bridges, 2019)

Do you want to know if your project of business has what it takes to be successful? Do you need help gathering and analyzing all the data to create a professional document? Apply here and get the help you need: And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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