Preparation of SUV Candidates for Designated Organizations

We Can Help Your Business With PowerPoint Presentations

Startup Visa Services knows how important it is to have a strong presentation for Designated Organization applicants, which is why we are here to help you with your presentation.

Start-Up Visa Candidates: Is Your Business’s Website Optimized?

Startup Visa Services business consulting can help you optimize, update, and further develop your website to ensure that it can fulfill its purpose, is suitable for attracting business in the Canadian market, and ultimately helps your case with Designated Organizations. 

Has Your Business Done Its Due Diligence?

Startup Visa Services can help you with refining, defining and polishing documents or records, so that you not only pass the vetting stage, but stand out as a prime candidate.

MVP and Prototype Generation: Startup Visa Services Can Help

Having a prototype or an MVP shows Designated Organizations that your business is not simply an idea. It also provides you with the opportunity to accumulate letters of interest to purchase or invest in your product or service, and can even help you generate pre-sales. At Startup Visa Services we can help you with MVP and prototype generation so that you have more than just a plan or an idea to present to Designated Organizations.

Startup Visa Services Is In Your Corner: Peer Review Support

Startup Visa Services team is the only Start-Up Visa consulting firm in Canada that is called upon for Peer Review – and consequently we are the only firm that has experience in providing Peer Review Support for our clients. This unique advantage positions us to help entrepreneurs, agents and designated business organizations, when they need it most, and it is a testament of our involvement in your Start-up Visa path from beginning until end. 

Business Vetting for International Entrepreneurs Moving to Canada

In order for your business to be considered by a Designated Organization for the purpose of the Startup Visa Path, a validation process needs to happen that it is a legitimate business, that it is properly suited for Canada, that it is unique, and that it has the markers of potential success and growth. Startup Visa Services can be that vetting consultant for you.

Patent Preparation for Start-Up Visa Program Candidates

Patenting is a complex process involving many laws and regulations which vary from country to country. That is why Startup Visa Services helps international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada with patent preparation when needed. 

Interview and Pitch Training for Designated Organization Candidates

Startup Visa Services business consulting will help you prepare for your intake or admissibility interview, and make sure that when your time comes you wow your Designated Organization interviewers with the right answers and appropriate strategies. 

Team Interview Coaching for Designated Organization Applicants

When being interviewed by a Designated Organization, there are good answers, bad answers, and answers that will simply not impress or wow your interviewer(s). At Startup Visa Services, we help coach your team on how to always provide a good answer, so that the Designated Organization interviewer(s) don’t kick you out as if you were on an episode of Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank.

Feasibility Studies & Start-Up Visa Program Entrepreneurs: We Can Help

Startup Visa Services can research, create, and write up your feasibility study, allowing you to understand the entire scope of the potential decision before you waste any valuable time or money.

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