Why MVP and Prototype Generation Is Important 

Having a solid business plan is important, but it alone will not convince a Designated Organization to support you and your business. In order to convince a Designated Organization to accept you, your business has to have something to show – i.e. a prototype or a minimal viable product (MVP). 

Having a prototype or an MVP shows Designated Organizations that your business is not simply an idea. It also provides you with the opportunity to accumulate letters of interest to purchase or invest in your product or service, and can even help you generate pre-sales. At Startup Visa Services we can help you with MVP and prototype generation so that you have more than just a plan or an idea to present to Designated Organizations.

How Startup Visa Services Will Help

Startup Visa Services knows that MVP and prototype generation can be difficult, which is why we are here to help you with it. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Strategy. It is important that your MVP or prototype is in sync with your business plan and overall objectives. We will conduct analysis to determine whether this is the case. If it is not, we can help refine both the planned MVP or prototype, or your business plan to ensure time and resources are not being wasted.

Research. Once we have determined that an MVP or prototype makes sense for your business, we conduct research in a variety of facets. This includes researching consumers to determine what exactly your MVP or prototype needs to solve, analyzing the types of functionality your MVP or prototype should include, and conducting cost analyses to ensure it is financially viable to develop. 

Development Plan. This means we help by creating an actionable development plan for your MVP or prototype to ensure that goals are met and budgets are controlled. We help you create this plan with the purpose of generating a product that is viable enough to attract letters of intent to purchase or invest, or begin pre-sales for. 

Are you an international entrepreneur trying to bring your business to Canada through the Start-Up Visa program? Do you need help with MVP and prototype generation? Let our highly experienced team assist you and apply here: https://startupvisa.ca/apply/.

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