The Importance of Due Diligence Preparation 

All Start-Up Visa program candidates will eventually need to be vetted as entrepreneurs and their ventures for viability. When your business venture is vetted, everything is checked, be it resume, finances, criminal and health records, market plans etc. It is important that you are prepared for the vetting process – that you have these documents and proofs, and that they not only check out but stand out in a good way.

Startup Visa Services can help you with refining, defining and polishing documents or records, so that you not only pass the vetting stage, but stand out as a prime candidate.

How We Can Help You

Startup Visa Services can help you with due diligence preparation and business vetting in the following key ways:

Debrief. We want to make sure that you understand what the vetting process requires and what may be a red flag when you are being vetted. That is why we collaborate with you exactly what documents you need and what will improve your case. Our team has an in depth experience for assisting as to who will get through the vetting process, and we will go through the relevant documents thoroughly to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. 

Obtain. We can gather the documents you need for your vetting process. We also make sure that you have everything needed for the vetting process so that you are properly prepared. 

Polish. Startup Visa Services experienced team will polish any documents that are not suitable for business or personal vetting. This may be your resume, market plan or otherwise – whatever it is, our highly experienced team will ensure that it is of excellent quality. 

Create. In the event that a document needs to be created, for example a go-to-market market plan, our experienced team can do that for you. At Startup Visa Services we are 100% committed to making sure that you are fully prepared for the vetting process – creating documents you need for that process is simply another step in getting you fully prepared.

It is important to us that we help you with bringing your business to Canada successfully and properly. If you are an international entrepreneur looking to bring your business to Canada via the Start-Up Visa Program and need help doing so, apply here and get the help you need:

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