It Can Be Difficult 

Team interviews are inherently difficult. This is even more so when you are a team of international entrepreneurs trying to convince a Designated Organization why your business is needed and sustainable in Canada while they are applying for the Startup Visa path. Some interviews are as short as 15 minutes, and some can last the full hour.

When being interviewed by a Designated Organization, there are good answers, bad answers, and answers that will simply not impress or wow your interviewer(s). At Startup Visa Services, we help coach your team on how to always provide a good answer, so that the Designated Organization interviewer(s) don’t kick you out as if you were on an episode of Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. 

Startup Visa Services Is Here to Help 

When coaching you on team interviewing, Startup Visa Services makes sure you do not forget the basics of what Designated Organizations are looking for – and hence what they will be asking you. These basics are that you are truly an innovator and have no competition, that your business has potential for growth, that your business can employ Canadians, and that your business is sustainable and beneficial to Canada. 

For example, a Designated Organization may ask “do you have any competitors?” While you may have such in the country you are trying to emigrate from, answering in the affirmative on this basis is a very bad answer as it will immediately disqualify you from consideration. Startup Visa Services will coach your team on avoiding these kinds of small mistakes or misinterpretations. In this example, you would be coached to answer “we do not have any competitors in Canada”. 

Of course, this example is surface level – there will be follow up questions about why you have no competitors in Canada and what makes your product or service innovative enough to make that so. With Startup Visa Services’ coaching, your team will be prepared to answer these questions in a manner that will appeal to, and impress, the Designated Organization interviewer(s). 

We also focus on more general elements of team interview coaching. This includes how to make a strong first impression, maintaining eye contact, focusing on the entire group that is interviewing you if it is a panel of interviewers, and understanding the overall position/perspective of the interviewers.

Startup Visa Services will arm you with the tactics necessary to not only satisfy but impress your interviewers, so that your chances of acceptance by a Designated Organization are as high as they can be. 

If you are an international entrepreneur looking to move your business to Canada through the Start-Up Visa Program, you will eventually have to go through the Designated Organization interview process. Why not get ahead and enlist us for help? Apply here:

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