Peer Review Support: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Peer Review is a process used to keep a sharp eye on who Designated Organizations are accepting. For some files NACO (National Angel Capital Organization) will ask Designated Angel Investor Groups or Business Incubators for a second pair of eyes to determine whether a particular candidate should or should not be accepted.

Startup Visa Services team is the only Start-Up Visa consulting firm in Canada that is called upon for Peer Review – and consequently we are the only firm that has experience in providing Peer Review Support for our clients. This unique advantage positions us to help entrepreneurs, agents and designated business organizations, when they need it most, and it is a testament of our involvement in your Start-up Visa path from beginning until end. 

Startup Visa Services Is In Your Corner 

Peer review support involves us working closely with the Designated Organization by compiling research, submitting requisite files, providing additional substantiation, and either defending the business venture case or preparing a self-defence package for them. 

If your business is the one being defended, Startup Visa Services can utilize its special position to support the Designated Organization’s decision to defend you. We are in your corner and will get into the ring for you – something that no other Start-Up Visa consulting firm can do. Our highly experienced team assembles the requisite research and works with the Designated Organization to ensure their decision to accept you is defended with the highest degree of effort and precision.

At Startup Visa Services it is our goal to make sure you complete your path to Start-Up Visa efficiently and properly. That is why we are here to help you from beginning to end, with simple and complex tasks, and with things that are beyond your control such as Peer Review assessment. 

If you are an international entrepreneur looking to move your business to Canada through the Start-Up Visa Program and need assistance, let us help you – we will be in your corner from start to finish! Apply here:

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