The Importance of Websites for Immigration Professionals

Having a professional looking website is beneficial for many aspects of a business. It can make recruiting easier, allow prospects to find you on mobile devices, provide you with SEO opportunity, showcase your expertise and more. 

However, many immigration professionals don’t have a website and are missing out on these benefits. Startup Visa Services business consulting can create a professional website for you, so that you can reap its benefits and ultimately grow your business. 

In our 20-plus years of experience in helping professionals with websites, we have found a lot of lawyers with broken, underdeveloped and not accessible websites. Did you know there is a law in Canada that can penalize businesses that do not meet accessible websites standards?

How Startup Visa Services Can Help You With Your Website 

Our team is highly-skilled and highly-experienced. When we design a website for our clients, we ensure it is not only professional looking, but that messaging and layout are optimized so that prospects are impressed with you before they’ve even reached out to you.  We know that half of the world will be looking at your website from a mobile device, so we ensure your website is mobile friendly.

We make sure the right things are in the right places on your website. If you have excellent testimonies from previous clients, we incorporate those into your website. If you have helpful guides or blogs, those too we incorporate into your website. 

Startup Visa Services knows that it is important to differentiate you from your competition. That’s why when we design a site for you, we ensure that your messaging conveys not only your expertise, but who you help, how you help them, and why it matters. 

We also go beyond designing – we can enhance already existing sites. As well, we make sure your website’s SEO is maximally enhanced so that it appears at the top of organic searches. You can read more about how we do this here. Your website is designed with a keen eye for maximizing visit time and generating the most amount of leads. After all, lead generation is easier with a good and professional website. 

Are you an immigration professional in need of a website overhaul or website creation? Get in touch with us and learn more about what we can do for you.

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