What is Lead Generation? Why Do You Need It?

Startup Visa Services provides Lead Generation services for Immigration professionals. Lead generation is getting people interested in buying or learning more about your product/service. Leads are prospects who are genuinely interested in your immigration service, and are considering whether it can meet their needs. 

Lead generation matters. It provides you with prospects who have intent to purchase your service – legitimate and actionable prospects. However, the way leads are generated has evolved. Many companies across a variety of sectors are embracing digital technology to help them generate leads. In fact, 83% of the world’s companies are utilizing some form of digital lead-generation tactics. 

This digital evolution of lead generation is driven by an evolved buyer’s mindset – immigration prospects want more control over their engagement experience, and want their questions answered quickly. Accordingly, it is beneficial to know what lead generation tactics/strategies are most beneficial for immigration professionals within today’s digital climate.

Generating Leads for Immigration Professionals 

Leads can be segmented on the basis of where they fall in the buying process, which allows the identification of an optimal strategy. There are four phases in the buying process – attention, interest, decision, and action.

In the first two phases – attention and interest – a lead is learning about products/services. These leads are hence more receptive to content that answers their questions and provides useful information about the product/service they are interested in. It is this set of phases that matter most for immigration professionals because most leads for immigration professionals come from search engine queries. Those who need help with immigration or deportation defence search for things like ‘immigration lawyer’, ‘how to find a good immigration lawyer’, ‘immigration hearing’, ‘hiring immigrants’ etc.

Lead generation can be through Search Engine marketing, Social Media marketing, Email marketing or through many other channels, including Search Engine Optimization. Accordingly, Startup Visa Services helps immigration professionals enhance their Search Engine Optimization so that they appear at the top of keyword searches. Having content that prospects are looking for – such as testimonials and white papers – and making sure it is optimized for SEO is also beneficial. Such content can answer their questions and convince them that you are the one who can help with their needs as a result. We will optimize such content for you, enabling it to appear at the top of keyword searches, and ultimately increase the number of leads generated. 

At Startup Visa Services we can either provide training for your team for marketing or provide the service of Lead Generation for your firm. We can target specific countries or demographics. We can focus on federal or provincial programs for you.

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