Crowdfunding: Challenging Yet Rewarding

A crowdfunding campaign is an excellent way to generate funding for a product prior to it being released. It can boost awareness of an entrepreneur’s project or product, and be a source of valuable feedback from backers prior to launch. But did you know that not even one-quarter of all crowdfunding campaigns succeed? The reason for this is that crowdfunding is a skill in itself – the determining factor for success being ”experience”. 

At Startup Visa Services, we know how challenging crowdfunding can be without the proper experience. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals in the entrepreneurial and start-up field – we have assisted and supported numerous entrepreneurs with their crowdfunding campaigns, and assisted \them to success. With our guidance, entrepreneurs reap the rewards of crowdfunding done right, including excellent pre-sale volume and the eventual successful launch of their product.

How the Startup Visa Services Team Helps With Crowdfunding Marketing

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, our goal is to help our clients generate as much possible revenue before the product enters the market. To achieve this goal, our team first must evaluate the state of the business plan and refine it if required. We also assist with industry and innovation research to ensure that the product will be competitive. We work with influencers and look for catalysts to make sure your campaign is standing out from the crowd.

Once the planning and research elements are completed, our team can get to work marketing the crowdfunding campaign. This element is absolutely crucial to the success of any crowdfunding campaign – and it’s where our experience shines most. Our team will ensure that your content is engaging, relevant, and fresh – be it videos, social media posts, PR, blogs or otherwise. We will optimize your messaging to the same effect, which will keep website visitors engaged for longer, and ultimately more likely to provide backing to your campaign.

Are you an entrepreneur in Canada who is thinking of crowdfunding? Do you feel you may not have the experience necessary to see it to success? Get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about how we can use our experience to assist and guide you towards a successful crowdfunding campaign:

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