Why Reputation Management Matters For Immigration Professionals 

As an immigration professional, you have to deal with clients. Every so often, no matter if you’ve done an excellent job, one of those clients will complain. They will leave an awful review, write a nasty blog, or craft a negative post on social media, effectively staining your reputation. It is important that your reputation remain pristine as a professional offering a service, so that you can maintain an influx of clients. 

Startup Visa Services is here to help you keep your reputation sparkling. Whether you are the target of a complaining  client, or are involved in something a little more serious, our highly experienced team will execute damage control. Did you know that 57% of readers will visit a lawyer’s website after seeing a positive review?

How Startup Visa Services Can Manage Your Reputation 

When we manage your reputation, there are many aspects involved. First and foremost, we make sure the bad reviews and blogs do not surface on the internet by utilizing our expertise with SEO. We will effectively drown out any negative pieces with our keyword skills on positive pieces. 

Our team will discredit any negative hit pieces targeting you. We will generate positive content and/or pull positive testimonials from your clients and make sure that your potential prospects know that the negative thing they are seeing about you is characteristic of your business practices. 

No matter how old the bad reviews or hit pieces are, our team will make sure that they are controlled so as to not affect your ability to bring in new clients. We can also carry-out a rebranding strategy for you if it is the most logical option. 

Nonetheless, when Startup Visa Services is managing your reputation, it is not all about damage control. We make sure that you are casted in a positive light on the internet and social media, so that you draw clients in rather than scare them away. 

Are you an immigration professional looking for help with managing your reputation? Reach out to us and learn more about what our team of experts has to offer: https://startupvisa.ca/contact-us/

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