The Benefits of Supplier Financing 

When it comes to supplier payments, many businesses find themselves tight on funds because there is typically a gap between a business receiving payment from its customers and a business paying its suppliers. This can create a gap in cash flow, meaning less can be spent on R&D, innovation, new projects, and purchasing other supplies, which ultimately impacts the business’s ability to grow quickly. 

However, many businesses overlook the various ways they can deal with the customer-supplier pay gap, or leverage bigger supply purchases to ensure cash flow and inventory are always at a good level. The Startup Visa Services team helps Canadian businesses with supplier financing so that they can pay their suppliers without draining their cash flow, build their inventory, and make bigger supply purchases even without having all the funds required for it. After all, a business does not need $1 million to make a $1 million purchase if they opt for supplier financing. 

How the Startup Visa Services Team Can Help 

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals in the entrepreneurial and start-up field, meaning we have an extensive network to tap into for our clients. Our team will connect your business with banks and private financiers to partner with, who will handle your supplier payments. This will allow your business to leverage bigger deals and keep cash flow. 

Most business owners don’t take advantage of their bank’s or government’s help with supplier and bill financing. Mainly it is due to the complicated forms, business plans, and proofs that the financiers ask of the businesses to validate their ability to pay the bills. Our team makes the process easier on entrepreneurs by pitching the financiers and providing all of the necessary data to them, while saving time for the business owners.

The Startup Visa Services team can also introduce your business to affiliate marketing or drop-shipping as a means to keep cash flow strong amidst the customer-supplier pay gap. When one of our clients is open to these methods, our team analyses the needs of their business to ascertain whether affiliate marketing or drop-shipping is the ideal option. 

Do you have a business in Canada? Are you tired of cash flow problems between paying your suppliers and receiving payments from customers? Get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about how we can assist your business with supplier financing to improve your cash flow:

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