How Employee Funding Can Help Your Business

Did you know that there are over 4,000 government grants in Canada? One category of government grants includes employee funding, which can free up needed capital to be used in areas that will help with the continued and accelerated growth of a business. Hiring grants, training and upscaling grants, and subsidizing R&D salaries and international travel are some of the many government grants in this category that can benefit your business. 

At Startup Visa Services we know the value that employee funding can provide for a startup or mature business. That’s why our team of professionals is here to help entrepreneurs in Canada secure employee funding. Our goal is the same as yours – the success and growth of your business. Employee funding can aid businesses in achieving that goal. 

How Startup Visa Services Can Help With Employee Funding 

Our services include identifying which grants make the most sense according to the needs of your business. We then work with your business and the government in order to secure the grant(s). The Startup Visa Services team has years of experience within the entrepreneurial and start-up field, which has positioned us to have strong relations with the governments which provides employee funding to businesses in Canada. 

When it comes to the application process, our clients can decide whether the Startup Visa Services team simply assists and guides, or if we will  handle the entire process on their behalf. No matter the choice, we cover everything, including business plan refinement, proposal generation, project outlines, report and document gathering or creation, and application filing. 

We would help in the delicate matter of timing of when to apply and for what grants, which employees qualify and how to position your company for the maximum rebates and subsidies for your employees. Some grants and subsidies can be used concurrently and strictly prohibit stacking of multiple grants. With our knowledge and experience we can create a roadmap of employee funding for your business.

Are you an entrepreneur in Canada who has not considered the benefits that employee funding can bring to your business? Get in touch with the Startup Visa Services team to learn more about how employee funding can help your business and how we can help with it:

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