Why Reporting Support Matters

It is the law that as a Start-Up Visa Program member you must continually report to your Designated Organization(s) after obtaining residency for at least a year post PR. After all, they need to make sure you are doing your part – staying involved in the business and growing it. 

Reporting to the Designated Organization that has issued to your venture the coveted Letter of Support can be burdensome. That is why Startup Visa Services can provide reporting support for you and your business. We’ll make sure that you are reporting well and following your objectives closely. 

We’re Here for You – Beginning to End

We were there for you in the beginning of your Start-Up Visa journey, and we will continue to be there for you with reporting support. We will provide you with feedback if something is not optimal or if there are areas of improvement. We can also participate with Designated Organizations to ensure you are reporting appropriately – that is, providing what the Designated Organization needs, and providing reports of the highest quality. 

Part of our ongoing reporting in helping you can include facilitating meetings with the designated organization, providing financial reporting, providing advancements and achievements with your business and advising on any variances from the original business plan.

Our being involved beginning to end has its benefits for you. We can check against your milestones/objectives to make sure your business is growing, and growing in the right ways. We are familiar with your business and its development, so we are uniquely positioned to provide excellent advice. 

The Startup Visa Services team has helped you before, why not let us continue to provide you with unparalleled assistance and support? Rekindle the flame and get in touch with us: https://startupvisa.ca/contact-us/


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