Start your business after receiving your permanent residency

Once you have your permanent residency in Canada, starting your own business will be a challenge. You already have the best idea in your head. However, it would be beneficial to have someone by your side who can help you turn it into a viable business. Our expertise within the industry allows us to provide comprehensive services for you in all aspects.

Startup Visa Services offers post-landing support to assist you in starting your own business in Canada. We have a team of professionals with diverse experience in guiding start-ups. At this stage, we aim to help you set up your business properly in Canada with an eye toward growth and success.

How can Startup Visa Services help you in the post-landing stage?

Post Landing SupportThrough the start-up visa path, we have assisted you in establishing your business and will continue to assist you in growing it. Our team will walk you through all the steps to becoming a Canadian registered company and prevent any issues that may arise during this process.

While preparing for your business’s registration, we will also assist you with your hiring process. We understand that you are unfamiliar with the hiring process in Canada and it will take longer than you expected to find a qualified team member. Furthermore, we can introduce you to recruiters who have large candidate pools that can assist you with finding the right employees.

In order to start a business successfully, you need extra funding. The Canadian government offers 4,000 business grants that may be eligible for you if you need additional funding for a hiring process, research, innovation, training, and more. We will work with you in obtaining suitable grants choice to support your business growth.

Optimizing the performance of a business requires the help of a variety of professionals. You will need a lawyer for legal assistance, a banker for a loan, and an accountant for your tax report. Therefore, it is always necessary for us to direct you to the most appropriate professionals who fit your needs and are best suited to your situation.

Protecting your business with an IP strategy is essential, especially if you are launching an innovative product. Our business experts are able to assist you in implementing IP strategies that can help your business grow sustainably and maintain a competitive edge.

Aside from these, we are able to help you file reports with your designated organization who provided a Letter of Support for your business. Our team has worked closely with you throughout your start-up visa program, and we will continue to assist you in submitting an accurate report.

Are you an international entrepreneur who just moved your business to Canada through the start-up visa program? Are you seeking support to start your business in Canada? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can assist you through your start-up’s: