Angel Investors are individuals who give seed money to a company that is in its early stages in exchange for some ownership in the business. These investors are typically looking for businesses that are in early stages of development to maximize the profit they can potentially make.

Angel investors are typically one person, and generally do not offer the structure, support, and guidance which business incubators do. They generally:

  • Help with negotiating investment structure
  • Establish a business presence within Canada
  • Give ongoing support via management advice, networking, and helping secure additional investment sources
  • Help with the scaling and growth of your business

Angel Investors receive thousands of applications per year. Receiving funding from one is an incredibly competitive process. They typically look for a good return, a strong business plan, a business structured for investment, and the ability to be involved. They are, however, more willing than venture capitalists to invest in very early stage businesses. You need a commitment of $75,000 minimum from an Angel investor to qualify for the Startup Visa path.

You can find a list of all the Designated Angel Investors here.


At Startup Visa Services we help match international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada with the Angel Investor that best suits your needs. We also ensure that your business will benefit from an Angel Investor group, depending on what stage your business is in, how well funded it currently is, and whether their support is truly needed.

Importantly, every Angel Investment group is different. This includes what is required for an application and also which industry or industries they accept applications from. With Startup Visa Services’ help, you will not waste time applying to – and gathering requisite information for – Angel Investors that do not accept your business due to the industry you are in.

You will also have guidance and support for the application process to ensure your application is as competitive as it can be. Startup Visa Services does this by fine-tuning your business plan, vetting founder experience, coaching for the intake interview, reviewing investment structure, and more.

If you are interested in receiving help with being matched with a Designated Angel Investor in Canada, apply here: https://startupvisa.ca/apply/, where you can also see the eligibility requirements for application.