Business Incubators help startups and new businesses by providing support in a variety of areas. Entrepreneurs that apply to business incubator programs are typically in the earlier stages of their business, and are looking to accelerate their growth. Business incubators offer the following:

  • One year of business development support, which includes access to mentors, accountants, and a lawyer
  • Help with refining your business plan
  • Access to $100,000 worth of software and services
  • Introductions to bankers and investors
  • Completion certificates

Many Incubators require your business to undergo a large amount of training and have strict schedules. Being accepted by an incubator means required attendance of workshops and training sessions.

Business Incubators receive roughly 3000 applicants per year. Roughly 30 pass the review stage per month, while an average of 15 make it to the due diligence stage each year. It is a highly competitive process that requires a sound business plan, good management team, and dedication to participating and attending all required elements by the Incubator’s program.

You can find a list of all the Designated Business Incubators here.


At Startup Visa Services we help match international entrepreneurs looking to move their business to Canada with the Business Incubator that best suits your needs. We also ensure that your business will benefit from being accepted into a Canadian Designated Incubator program, depending on what stage your business is in.

Importantly, every Business Incubator is different. This includes what is required for an application and also which industry or industries they accept applications from. With Startup Visa Services’ help, you will not waste time applying to – and gathering requisite information for – Business Incubators that do not accept your business due to the industry you are in.

You will also have guidance and support for the application process to ensure your application is as competitive as it can be. Startup Visa Services does this by fine-tuning your business plan, vetting founder experience, coaching for the intake interview and more.

If you are interested in receiving help with being matched with a Designated Business Incubator in Canada, apply here: https://startupvisa.ca/apply/, where you can also see the eligibility requirements for application.