Partner with the Startup Visa Services team to help your clients application qualify under Start-up Visa permeant residency program to Canada! We help RCIC agents, Immigration Law firms and International Mobility experts with the complete process. With the full business venture package preparation, we are guaranteeing acceptance into a designated organisations, such as Incubators, Angel groups and Venture capital funds. Average approval for the Letter of Support is between 3 and 4 months, and the preparation can be in person or virtually. Partner with the Start-up Visa Experts on how to get your files properly prepared and Approved! Learn how the Canadian Start-up Visa Program works.

Join SVS collaboration program for Canada Start-up Visa

Receive training, pricing and support for different SUV streams, including designated by government of Canada: Angel investment groups, Venture Capital firms and Incubators. SVS will teach members of your company how the SUV path works, pricing, and how to prepare files that will get accepted.

Get direct access to designated organisations for client support!

The Startup Visa Services packages cover:
  • Business venture preparation

  • Client training and mentorship

  • Guaranteed admission into a designated organization

  • Support to Immigration professionals

  • Support in getting a Letter of Support (LOS)