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Tech entrepreneurs stuck in immigration limbo

It takes eight years for the Canadian immigration system to evaluate a young tech entrepreneur applying to immigrate from Paris. Applying from Hong Kong takes a little more than seven years, from New Delhi more than six and from Beijing nearly fou…

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Malcolm Interview with BC Business – ???We should be open to every bright young mind???

Malcolm Gladwell who said the following.. ???Canada should aggressively open its borders??? ???We should be open to every bright young Mind??? He said this in a interview with John Bucher, Digital Editor for BC Business on innovation

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UK beats US to Startup Visa and where is Canada?

Right now the UK media is making a lot of noise about new Visa rules which mean ???super-investors??? willing to put ?5m into a UK bank account will get the right to stay indefinitely in Britain after only three years. This is two years faster tha…

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The US sent a New Zealand entrepreneur home. Fired his staff of 14.… > A New Zealand entrepreneur seemed to have everything lined up for the start of his social networking venture in the United States. He had raised $430,000, hired 14 …

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